If you would like to deepen your study of God’s word and how to apply it to your everyday life then here are some resources to check out.  This resources are not affiliated with Otterville Southern Baptist Church, but we hope that you find them useful.
  • The Blue Letter Bible has the entire Bible available on line in several versions.  It also has a search feature if you are just looking for a single piece of scripture.
  • Blueprint for Life provides resources to help you discover your life’s purpose that God has created for you.  There is a Spiritual Gift Assessment to help you understand what Gifts you possess.  Also there are new blog post every day Monday through Friday that contain wisdom and inside. 
  • In Touch Ministries features Dr Charles Stanley.
  • Your Move features Andy Stanley.
If you are not sure who to listen to here a just a few recommendations.  These ministries are not associated with Otterville Southern Baptist Church.

  • Daily Audio Bible is a podcast that is hosted by Brian Hardin.  You can download and listen on your smart device at your convenience or stream it from the website.  Brian reads daily to his audience out of the Bible and gives a portion of The Old Testament, The New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs.  It is designed to get through the entire Bible in a year.
  • Truth for Life features Pastor Alistair Begg from Parkside Church in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Your Move with Andy Stanley shows how to live a Christ centered life.
  • Leading the way features Dr. Michael Youssef.
  • Share Jesus Without Fear is good for an individual read or a group study on how to witness in a way that is not confrontational.  It also has a great resource of common questions nonbelievers ask and how you can respond.  Readings about William Fay’s testimony is also inspiring how God can take the most unlikely person and use them for the Kingdom. 
  • The Kingdom of the Cults is an eye opening look at groups that take God’s word to serve their own purposes.   It also educates the reader about other religions throughout the world and their core beliefs.